MMGC is a consulting firm that specializes in Medical Device Regulatory Affairs and combines education and experience in the public and private sectors. Our main activity consists in providing assistance to manufacturers, importers, and distributors, located in our country or abroad, as regards the regulatory aspects that impact their products. We focus mainly on Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostic medical devices (IVD). However, we are currently in a position to successfully channel your inquiries relating to cosmetics, drugs and even food.

We guide our clients through the whole process, from the creation of their business plan to the commercialization and post-commercialization of their products in the markets of choice.

Our professional staff combines more than 20 years of experience in major developments and achievements in the industry.


• Ethics

We maintain an honest and trustworthy behavior with all the people with whom we interact.

• Efficiency

We maximize resources to achieve the best cost-benefit ratio in our processes.

• Team Work

The dynamics, flexibility and combined efforts of our team ensure the desired goals are met.

• Reliability

The confidence with which our professionals perform their tasks enables them to obtain the desired results.

• Confidentiality

We treat all the information provided by our clients with strict confidentiality.

• Professionalism

Commitment. Adaptability to change. Client and result oriented. We act rapidly to keep the processes within the expected timeline, thus meeting the planned targets.

• Quality

We strive to maintain the highest excellence in the services we provide and exceed the clients’ expectations.

• Experience

Supported by our extensive track record in Regulatory Affairs.


Our mission is that our clients feel confident to leave their regulatory affairs in our hands, knowing we will deliver comprehensive solutions and continually find a balance between legislation and their business needs.