RIM System

All our services are supported by our exclusive proprietary software, which allows the safe transfer and management of data.

MMGC Regulatory Information Management System

This is a cloud-based, global product registration system that simplifies and streamlines the approval process for all your products.

We offer our clients the possibility to remotely check and keep track of every project managed by MMGC.

This allows the real-time project management, involving automated process and full lifecycle control of your medical device Regulatory Information, and not least, ensuring confidentiality of sensitive documentation at all times.

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• Plan, track and manage all regulatory activities and product applications

• Allow management of complex and large-scale product registration projects

• Enable dealing with many different countries regulations

• Access to updated information in real-time, at any time 24/7

• Well organized regulatory workflow

• Facilitate the effective searching such as by country, by product, by registration status

• Ensure safe exchange of sensitive confidential Regulatory Information

• Increase speed and quality of regulatory submission

• Reduce double data entry/delivery

• Reduce the time for License approvals

• Reduce overall regulatory costs

• Minimize inquiries raised from regulatory authorities

• Bring new medical devices to the market faster

Features of our Regulatory Submission Management Platform:

• Unique place for search, store and manage all regulatory documents

• On-line access to all regulatory relevant product data and documentation

• Real-time updates of each registration status

• Common processes for creating, organizing, sharing, archiving, reviewing, approving and managing complete documents with minimum efforts

• Status of various tasks within a registration process – their progress, updates, etc.

• Graphical presentation of regulatory status

• Effective tools to replace manual mistake-prone tracking processes